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"I think the Julius platform has a lot of potential in connecting brands with influencers. Despite the minimum usage I had with it I thought it was very valuable."

Dror Ceder, Founder & CPMO


Report: An Influencer for Every State


Episode 4: Defining What is an Influencer feat. Chad De Luca (Publicis Media Sports)

What is an ‘influencer’? How does one gather an online following? Being an influencer means that you are a thought-leader and a substantial amount of people enjoy the content that you produce online. But how does that start?

Case Studies

Choice Hotels Leverages Food Influencers to Drive Awareness of #WhatsYourWaffle & Boost Sweepstakes Applications

Choice Hotels leveraged Julius to discover and reach out to influencers who would assist in creating awareness of their free breakfast options and drive traffic to their site.


Episode 3: Different Ways to Approach Influencer Marketing feat. Shan Lui (Superfly)

Influencer marketing can wear an endless number of hats, fitting various needs and purposes. Whether it’s a product, convention, or foundation, having the right influencer to advocate and spread the word is a publicity game-changer.


Episode 2: Influencer Marketing and the Incorporation of Behavioral Economics feat. Tara Marsh (Wunderman)

What encourages people to stand in a line around a restaurant? Of all the places to eat in the city, yet there’s always a line around this restaurant. What (or who) drives the creation of a social norm?

Blog, Presentations

Counter the Influencer Bot-Follower Epidemic


Episode 1: Influencers, More Than Just a Pretty Picture feat. Brittany Hennessy (CreatorsCollective and Hearst)

Influencers can take on many names, content creators, bloggers, Instagrammers. Can an influencer embody the brand?


Allen & Gerritsen

"Julius is truly a lifesaver when it comes to identifying influencers for client campaigns, no matter the category or industry. I love that I can dig into multiple super-specific data points, giving clients the confidence that the influencers my team has identified are the best possible matches for their brand."

Kaitlin Bitting, VP Public Relations



“We are so incredibly happy to work with Julius for our digital needs! The platform is very efficient in finding the right contacts,  easy way to organize lists and track campaigns. The customer service team is also extremely helpful and answers all question/concerns right away!”

Karen Siegel, Senior Account Executive