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Influencer marketing has been one of the biggest buzzwords of 2016 as more and more businesses are turning towards social media personalities to create and produce branded content. With the power to reach, engage and impact consumers, influencers provide businesses a direct channel to connect with their target audience and have an organic conversation about their product or brand.

To gain additional insights on branded content, we surveyed rising digital influencers to get their input on the current state of influencer marketing and its growth heading into 2017.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • 90% of influencers have worked with a brand for sponsored content
  • 77% of influencers work with brands as part of ongoing and evergreen campaigns (not one off post)
  • Over 85% expect the number of branded campaigns they complete to increase over the next year
  • Over 63% of influencers say the top reason for not wanting to work with a brand again is because the brand was far too controlling of the content

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