Astros’ Players Become Increasingly Influential After Winning Franchise’s First World Series

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Shortly after winning the World Series, Astros’ second baseman Jose Altuve was seen checking his phone. What was he checking for? How many texts does one get after winning the World Series? We imagine a ton, but that was not his focus. He was looking to see his Instagram follower growth (stars, they’re just like us!).

Altuve did have significant growth in his overall social media following, since the start of the World Series on October 24 his reach on Twitter and Instagram grew 18% combined.

How about his teammates?

Carlos Correa made headlines, besides the big win, by proposing to his girlfriend during the post game interview. You could say he had a pretty good night!

The Astros’ shortstop grew his reach 17.1% (on Twitter and Instagram) since the start of the World Series.

And where would the Astros have been without mid-season pickup Justin Verlander, the ALCS MVP? Winning his first ring was so exciting, even his former team had to congratulate him.

Unlike his teammates who saw a sharp growth at the end of these playoffs, he’s been steadily growing his reach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, growing 20% over the last 90 days.

The Astros run was the first in the franchise’s history and resulted in the growth of many of their athletes’ social following. Winning = more followers!