Julius’s March 2018 Influence Live panel, From the Influencer’s Perspective, brought together brands, media companies, and agency executives to ask the influencers their questions. It featured a variety of creators: Jeremy Jacobowitz of The Brunch Boys, CoolMomPicks co-founder and publisher Liz Gumbinner, photographer Dave Krugman, and stop motion artist and photographer Colette Robinson. TheStylishMan.com founder Ryan Sprance moderated. 


Ryan began by asking about the possible shift we could see in influencer marketing in 2018. Jeremy stated brands are learning let creators put their voice in the campaign’s branding and messaging. “You’re not just buying my numbers,” you are reaching out to the people that trust the creator. They now see what they’re really buying when working with influencers. Liz sees big companies are now trying to scale their influencer programs, streamlining the process with contracts.

Ryan noted that 70% of brands used some form of influencer marketing in the past year. What do the creators think will change as larger brands shift to influencer marketing?

Dave believes that as more money and interest moves from traditional advertising, the more brands there will be taking influencer marketing seriously. As it continues to be taken seriously, rules and regulations that influencers have to follow will solidify.

Colette said in the past she has been pitched from brands that will pay her thousands of dollars or she is asked to pay $50 for them to put it on their channel - all for the same kind of work. Most brands she’s talked to don’t know what to budget, some influencers don’t know what to charge. She thinks there soon will be standards, and creators will be valued as they should be.

Missed our panel? Watch the video below and our next panel will be at Social Media Week NYC.

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