Happy Halloween! Our Spooky Influencer Roundup

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It’s Halloween! We’re hours away from drinking cider, watching Hocus Pocus, and eating way too much candy (but who are we kidding? We’ve had candy in the office for a week!). Since Tuesday we’ve been counting down with our favorite influencers we found on the Julius platform who truly embrace the Halloween spirit. This blog is our roundup with their latest videos so you can get some last-minute Halloween ideas before tonight!

These examples show how creative and relatable influencers can be. They know when their followers want an easy, no SFX makeup look that still slays, or a simple SFX tutorial to test the waters. They know when their followers want creative DIY “hacks” for the spooky holiday or fun dog treats to step away from the usual snacks for their pets. They aren’t selling out-of-this-world, impossible ideas, but still create compelling and creative content.

Need an easy but spooky makeup look? YouTuber Alex Faction’s Freddy Krueger makeup is super scary but not too difficult to put together. On his YouTube channel he has tons of makeup tutorials that you can easily pull off for your Halloween party.

Total Reach: 525K Most Popular Platform: Instagram Average Engagement on Instagram: 6.3K

For those who want to try out SFX and need a good idea for a full costume, Youtuber Kayleigh Noelle KILLED IT with this Poison Ivy look (sorry, Uma Thurman!). Her step-by-step tutorial show you how she put together her wig, costume, and bloody and gorgeous makeup.

Total Reach: 870K Most Popular Platform: YouTube Average Engagement on YouTube: 3.7K

Just looking for some simple DIY inspiration for party decor, accessories, and Halloween desserts? YouTuber xoJahtna is an everyday DIY pro, and shared seven super easy ideas for the holiday including an awesome glowing skull light and punch with a special effect.

Total Reach: 455K Most Popular Platform: YouTube Average Engagement on YouTube: 15.5K

We all know the typical spooky treats and party foods by now, so why not shake things up and share the Halloween love with your dogs? YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs features a pet owner who vlogs about her Siberian Huskies, along with treat ideas and helpful Q&A’s and tips for dog owners. One of her latest videos features Halloween treats for dogs with pumpkin and peanut butter. You may have to watch twice, just to pay attention to those beautiful puppers.

Total Reach: 4M Most Popular Platform: Facebook Average Engagement on Facebook: 3.3K

Do you feel the Halloween spirit like we do? Who are your fave influencers to follow for the holidays?