Thursday morning Julius hosted Influence Live, our ongoing series, with industry professionals and influencers, at J. Walter Thompson offices in New York. During the event, professionals from various companies had the opportunity to mingle, network, enjoy breakfast, and hear what top thought leaders have to say about how micro-influencers are changing the Landscape. The impressive panel included our own VP of Sales Bryn Sanders as the moderator, Sr. Director Content, Socialand Influencer Marketing at Group Nine Media, Shannon Truax, Social Media Agent Jessy Grossman, and Talent Relations/Partnerships, Marketing and Communications at Ad Council, Lina Renzina.

Bryn began the discussion asking when the others first discovered the potential of micro-influencers and started to strategize with them. Lina of Ad Council indicated they sort of stumbled upon it researching influencers for their program Creators for Good, which connects influencers with social causes. They began the program with influencers who had significantly large followings (over 1.0M) but then expanded to feature micro-influencers (which ranged anywhere from 10K — 100K+). It has helped them create several campaigns and increase awareness. Micro-influencers + awesome causes = lots of value and engagement.

The panelist also discussed their own experiences working with micro-influencers. Shannon’s advice: don’t assume they know how to work with brands. “You have to think about how you’re going to set them up for success and prepare them with all of these nuances to do it right.”

Jessy related Shannon’s advice to her own job as a social media agent noting the importance of vetting talent and more importantly knowing what questions to ask. Since a lot of her focus is on video, she looks for talent who can speak on camera and can conduct themselves in a a meetings. For New York Fashion Week, going on right now, Jessy vetted all of the influencers she has in town for the event and focuses on their strengths and helps them with their weaknesses.

When it comes to the creative process with micro-influencers, Lina says Ad Council likes to heavily involve the influencer since they know their audience best. “They are the creators, they’re the ones making the content…We send a brief about the campaign and about the issue, we have the do’s and don’ts. We do ask, ‘what’s your creative vision?’” They also ask the sponsors to look at the brief and the influencer’s vision or idea for the content. This is meant to ensure everyone is on the same page for the campaign.

During the audience Q&A, the panel was asked how they find micro-influencers, and #notsohumblebrag we love Shannon and Lina’s answer: “Julius!” Thanks, ladies! ;)

You can watch the entire panel on Facebook thanks to our partners at Ad Council. (Ad Council you’re the best!!). Trust us, it’s totally worth watching. You may learn a thing or two! What was your fave moment from the panel? Did you learn anything new? Make sure to stay tuned for our next Influence Live!

Julius' Influencer Live Panel - 9/7/17

This morning, we're diving deep into digital creator engagement at Julius' Influence Live panel, featuring Shannon Truax, Bryn Sanders, Jessy Grossman and our own Lina Renzina!

Posted by Ad Council on Thursday, September 7, 2017