Influence Live: Influencer Marketing from Gen Z to Boomers

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On November 29th we hosted our last Influence Live event for 2017, “Influencer Marketing from Gen Z to Boomers: Dissecting the Challenges of Influencer Marketing to Each Generation” at The Advertising Club of NY. The panel, including Ken Gibbs Jr (BET), Lina Renzina (Ad Council), Chris Gee (Finsbury), Dan Coates (Ypulse), and Bethany Biron (Glossy), explored the challenges of marketing to each demographic, from understanding data points, platform performance, messaging and so much more.

Finding the right influencer and the right messaging kicked off the discussion. Lina says they always start by asking this question; “What kind of messaging are we tailoring to that specific audience?” This may seem like a simple enough question to answer but is at the very core of how the campaign will be built. It’s a fundamental yet difficult question to answer.

The moderator, Bethany, went on to ask the panelists how they go about finding the right influencers for their audiences and how they “make it stick.” For Ken, the answer seemed simple, “Authenticity…we’re really looking for the authenticity and engagement.” The panel went on to dive deeper into authenticity noting everything from the influencer, to the creative, needs to have an authentic feel and voice. Chris also noted that another important element was ensuring you had a “good story to tell”. For him, it starts there.

Dan talked about how boomers and Gen X will tolerate traditional advertising, they grew up with it, but millennials and Gen Z have a different take: “Don’t interrupt me, don’t get in my way, don’t derail my process…Tell me what you need me to know, add some value to the conversation and I’m in.”

Another area the group explored was how important data is in assisting marketers, but also how the data should not dictate or override the storytelling aspect. Lina said she is wary of focusing only on data points, and wants to make sure the storytelling is part of the conversation. Chris noted, “If you don’t have a good idea I don’t care how much delivery and analytics you have, it’s going to fall flat. On the other hand, if you’ve got a great concept that is right for the times, sometimes that is the perfect combination. That’s the key, finding the perfect balance. It’s both an art and a science.”

Interested in learning more about influencer marketing to different generations? Check out our livestream of the panel below! What was your fave moment from the panel? Did you learn anything new? Make sure to stay tuned for our next Influence Live!