What encourages people to stand in a line around a restaurant? Of all the places to eat in the city, yet there’s always a line around this restaurant. What (or who) drives the creation of a social norm?

Tara Marsh, Global Head of Content for Wunderman, believes that influencers have the power to establish these norms, and gather the virtual equivalent of the line around a restaurant for a product. She preaches that influencer marketing is not about interrupting what people are interested in, but becoming it. It’s important to “be the thing that people are interested in,” and the resulting content that’s created just happens to be branded. Content is key, and the best way to engage the audience is to not interrupt their entertainment, but frame the brand to be the entertainment, with the help of influencers.

Tune into this episode of Influencer Marketing Unleashed, hosted by Julius CEO Mark Gerson, as he and Tara discuss the origins of influencer marketing, tactics involving behavioral economics, and the importance of trusting content creators to do a brand justice in an influencer campaign.

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