Land Rover uses influencers to showcase beauty in the ‘Deserts of Utah’

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Land Rover often showcases their vehicles in creative pieces with beautiful backgrounds and imagery. In one of their latest campaigns, they invited influencers to shoot in the Utah dessert and share their experiences on social media. Louis Cole, RayaWasHere, and Sam Evans were the three influencers chosen for this campaign. Each shared videos and pictures on both Instagram and YouTube.

Raya, who has 132k followers on Instagram, featured herself in a Land Rover with elegant sand dunes in the background. She received 7.3K likes on the post, which fit in beautifully with the rest of her collection. Raya’s huge audience expects posts consisting of professional photography and the Land Rover advertisement pictures did not seem out of place.

Raya’s significant other, Louis Cole, was another participant in this campaign. Louis has a whopping 1.5m followers on Instagram, who also follow him for his amazing photography skills. He posted many pictures from his adventure in Utah, referencing the Land Rover brand in two of them. Both of these pictures received over 50k likes, as they also were representative of what Louis would usually post on a daily basis.

Additionally, Louis shared a 12-minute video on YouTube where he detailed his adventure in Utah with Land Rover. Throughout the video he is driving the cars and learning about the features of the vehicle.

Sam Evans, the third influencer featured in the campaign, is a very talented filmmaker. He also shared beautifully taken photos with his 162K followers on Instagram of himself on the trip with the vehicles. Being a filmmaker, Sam shared also shared two videos for the campaign, one of which is below.

Land Rover took to social media to create elegant content and used influencers to create a halo effect around their brand. Land Rover granted the creators the ability to authentically and organically create around their initiative, which led to the success of the campaign.

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