Taking a look at SeatGeek’s Influencer Strategy

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By: Ben Tschida

From festival passes to sporting event tickets, SeatGeek provides entertainment fans with access to every event under the sun. SeatGeek has been on quite the advertising blitz the last few years, leveraging both podcasts and influencers to drive users to their app.

One key element that makes SeatGeek’s influencer strategy so successful is the freedom they give creators to authentically get their message across to audiences. SeatGeek allows influencers to create content as they normally would which adds value to the brand.

Take a look at their collaboration with Sierra Fertado. The post clearly highlights SeatGeek while making sure the content fits into her actual life. Sierra incorporates her personal relationship with Alex Terranova and his fanhood of the NY Mets within the context of using SeatGeek to find tickets for a game.

88•Sierra Furtado influencer post for SeatGeek

SeatGeek also does a great job of interacting with their creators. Here they sponsored the Barstool Sports Rundown featuring El Pres and his underlings Big Cat & KFC. The trio wore SeatGeek stickers to promote the brand (along with an organic conversation prior to the start of the show). Then, they interacted with the content after it was shared on social media. In order for brands to reap the most value out of their influencer relationships, its vital to interact with creator content over social media.

At the end of the day, SeatGeek understands the importance of raising awareness and getting their brand in front of new customers, but then makes sure to partner with influencers who are a good fit for the brand. Per Julius data, El Pres’ audience has high affinities towards sports (inferring that they also interested in attending sporting events). Not only does SeatGeek deserve credit for entrusting such a big brained individual with their marketing dollars, they also were able to hit their key demographic by working with Portnoy.

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