NA-KD Fashion taps into the power of influencers with 100k+ followers and creates an affiliate network with influencers


NA-KD Fashion, a Swedish fashion retailer, maintains a massive influencer marketing affiliate program to amplify the reach of their Instagram account, which now boasts 1.7 million followers. NA-KD gifted thousands of influencers free products and promotional codes to scale their voice to over 150 countries.


Generated 1.7 million Instagram followers in just 3 years, and became the 4th most mentioned fashion brand on social media.  

Using micro-influencers as their primary vehicle for promotion, NA-KD vaulted themselves into the fashion fray in 3 short years, becoming one of Europe’s top-20 fastest growing companies and competing with the likes of fashion giants like Zara.

"We once collaborated with an influencer from the States with 1.6 million followers — much to our surprise, she didn’t deliver. “We then connected with a super cute German influencer with a following of around 350,000. Through her channels, she generated a ridiculous amount of sales within the first 24 hours — we were blown away and this ultimately proved that engagement and trust are the key to success for an influencer.”  - NA-KD co-founder Ivana Vrbenski.