Praytell is a full-service communications agency with a sterling reputation for PR, social, digital and film, and has been named in PRWeek's Best Places to Work five times in as many years.

The agency was quick to adopt influencer marketing as a companion piece to both public relations and social strategies. The Julius platform has become a key technology for Praytell when pitching new business with an influencer marketing component, and now more than 80 percent of its clients use influencer marketing in some capacity.

“Julius is an amazing resource for digging into audience insights in a way that is incredibly digestible,” says Rhea Woods, VP, Influencer Marketing at Praytell. “The dynamic engagement data, which allows us to provide real-time campaign updates to our clients, is invaluable.”

Managing metrics

Praytell has generated total reach well into the millions on most campaigns and has managed to lower CPM to as little as $6 per thousand impressions.

“Thanks to Julius, we have been able to experiment and achieved better overall results for our clients,” says Rhea. “Julius helps us to identify the right mix of verticals, media, and channels, and to explore innovative ways to reach our clients’ target audiences.”