Focusing on national social good campaigns, the Ad Council raises awareness for more than 40 social good issues, stimulating the public to action through integrated communications programs.

The Ad Council decided to develop an in-house talent engagement and partnerships team and they started working with Julius to help identify more data about influencers. The platform provided audience demographics, locations, and interests quickly in a digestible format that was easy to share across multiple teams.

“We found Julius while we were still getting our feet wet in the influencer space and were amazed at how quickly we could get the information we needed to inform lists of prospective influencers,” says Lina Renzina, Manager of Talent Relations and Partnerships at the Ad Council. “Julius helped make it possible to bring the initiative in-house and to scale our activations with talent.”

Matchmaking at scale

With the support of Julius’ platform, the Ad Council leveraged influencers for more than 30 campaigns between July 2017 and June 2018, working with an average of six talent ambassadors per campaign.

“With Julius, we can find information all in one place,” says Lina. “It’s been an invaluable tool to further the impact of our Creators for Good program.”