Welcome back to the Julius Profiles Podcast, everybody! In the fourth episode, Danny tackles the sensitive topic of influencers, social media, and mental health. To add their expertise, Danny is joined by Lina Renzina of The Ad Council and Dr. Ayelet Boussi from Cognitive Therapy for Women.

The discussion covers the basics of the relationship between mental health, our current internet usage, and the way we relate to content on social platforms. We also look at mental wellbeing from the influencer’s perspective, considering the effect that this sort of career can have on a person’s state of mind.

Danny, Lina, and Ayelet go on to discuss the great impact prominent figures can have in removing the stigma around mental health and creating relatable stories for their audience. Our guests offer us great insight from their contrasting vantage points, both personal and professional as the conversation traverses the topics of Fyre Festival, wellness apps, and taking breaks from social media. For this and a whole lot more, join us today!


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About Our Guests:

Lina Renzina (@linarenz) leads Creators for Good, The Ad Council’s talent engagement program, which matches traditional and digital talent with the organization's purpose-driven marketing initiatives. Working directly with talent, these partnerships have reached millions to drive impact surrounding such important causes as suicide prevention, breast cancer risk awareness, and diversity and inclusion.

Her background in theatrical producing, marketing, and talent management is a testament to her passion for the arts, authentically reaching audiences through digital storytelling.

Dr. Ayelet Boussi is a licensed clinical psychologist in NYC and a member of the Women’s Mental Health Consortium. Dr. Boussi practices at Cognitive Therapy for Women Psychological Services, a group practice specializing in the mental health needs of adult women using a cognitive-behavioral treatment model (CBT).

In her hospital and private practice work in New York City, she has helped clients to transform their relationships, manage their moods effectively, and navigate life's transitions. Dr. Boussi also has a research background in empathy, nonverbal communication, and social cognition.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Initial thoughts on the current influencer marketing landscape
  • The impact of influencers on the mental health space
  • Celebrities and influencers’ roles in removing the stigma around mental health
  • The complicated nature of connecting with other people on social media
  • Imagining more authentic influencer relationships and content
  • Taking off the creative handcuffs
  • The Creators for Good Summit and raising awareness within the industry
  • Word of mouth, hype, and the debacle of Fyre Festival
  • Wellness technology and the market for mental wellbeing apps
  • Stress relief, inspiration, and the boost that social media can give
  • Deleting your accounts and taking breaks from your social feeds
  • Imagining a better future for social media and influencer content
  • And so much more!