What is an influencer? How does one gather an online following? Being an influencer means that you are a thought-leader and a substantial amount of people enjoy the content that you produce online. But where does that start? The first step is setting yourself apart from everyone else.  

Chad De Luca from Publicis Media Sports and Co-Author of the bestselling book, Journeys to Success: Millennials Edition, has always strived to set himself apart from his competition. He talks about how he started his career out of college; interviewing for jobs and taking the decision into his own hands rather than leaving the ball in the interviewer’s court, and how he operates at Publicis today, dealing with clients and pairing influencers with compatible brands.

On this episode of Influencer Marketing Unleashed. Chad and Julius CEO Mark Gerson talked about Chad’s experiences of networking, interviewing and working in the sports media field, the current influencer marketing climate, and how influencer marketing can blend with traditional advertising and fill the “missing piece” in a campaign.

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