Influencer marketing can wear an endless number of hats, fitting various needs and purposes. Whether it’s a product, convention, or foundation, having the right influencer to advocate and spread the word is a publicity game-changer.

Being the VP of Programming Partnerships & Digital Talent at Superfly, Shan Lui has a unique perspective to the influencer marketing industry. Finding, choosing, booking, and handling an influencer requires you to “always be on call,” and deal with multiple different people depending on the size of the following the influencer has. Shan has worked closely with music icons Madonna, and U2, and plans Superfly’s events such as Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. As an expert in the field, she knows what it takes to find the right influencer for a specific purpose and the varying situations that come with handling them and their teams.

What is it like to work with U2 and NASA for an event? Shan and Julius CEO Mark Gerson, discussed in depth on Influencer Marketing Unleashed her experiences working with different influencers and artists, the takeaways and strategies involved, some insight into what it means to execute a successful event or campaign involving influencers.

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