Mar 22nd Presentations

Tips When Negotiating with Influencers and Creators on a Project

Feb 7th Blog, Presentations

Counter the Influencer Bot-Follower Epidemic

Jan 3rd Presentations

ROI of Influencer Marketing

This study looks at examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have had success in driving sales, generating impressions and garnering earned media value.

Jan 3rd Presentations

[Webinar] Invasion of Influencer Marketing

New to Influencer Marketing? This webinar give you a look into the fastest growing marketing medium including: how influencers have invaded the marketing world, use cases and strategies for using influencers and tips on how to start your first influencer marketing campaign.

Jan 3rd Presentations

2017 State of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a growing buzzword as more and more businesses are turning to social media personalities to create and produce branded content. Find out how to maximize your campaign success with our State of Influencer Marketing study.