Need a rule of thumb on how to detect bots because you aren't a Julius subscriber yet?   Here are some best practice suggestions below on how to detect for bots in case you don't already have Julius doing this for you!

Influencer Profile Check 

  1. Has there been a massive jump of followers in a limited amount of time?  If yes, this might be an indication that the influencer purchased a large chunk of followers.
  2. Do they have a significant or similar following on other social platforms?  Of course, influencers might prioritize a specific platform, but it could be expected for influencers to have an audience on different platforms.
  3. Do they have a consistent aesthetic and tone that warrants followership?  Subjectively, influencer content should be "follower worthy" and deliver stories in a meaningful and impactful way. If something looks off here, but they still have a huge following, it could be an indication.
  4. What do their post comments look like? Are they spammy? Are they reflective of the content and subject matter?  If the comments aren't related to the content, vague, or are trying to sell something, it might be an indication of bots. There are some accounts on social that auto-comment on posts with different tags and keywords, but if this is at scale, it might be suspicious.
  5. When did they sign up, and how many posts have they shared since then?   If you can see when the profile was created - if the influencer signed up a long time ago and has very limited posts, but still has a high following, this might be an indication.
  6. What is their engagement rate like?  If an influencer has 725K followers, but only 500 of them are engaging with their content, this might be an indication that they purchased followers.

Influencer Follower Check 

  1. Do they have an avatar?  It can be expected for a human follower to set up a profile to reflect them. For example: having an egg is the default image for Twitter, and most likely has no human behind the handle.
  2. How many followers do they have? How many people are they following?  Low followers with high followings could be an indication of a bot - if humans are following this person, most likely the profile was created for the sole purpose of following.
  3. Bots are not content creators - they don't go on trips, share opinions, participate in social challenges, or have friends. If their content doesn't feel personal, it's because it isn't.
  4. Where are they located? Who are they as people?  Use your best judgment - if an influencer is based in the US, only communicates in English, and is taking pictures of National Parks, but the follower is from a place you've never heard of before, doesn't ever communicate in English, and shares off-color content, it might be an indication.

Influencer follower graph available for all influencers on Julius with 5k+ followers