In honor of #NationalOneHitWonderDay, we take a look at some of the greatest owners of these legendary one-off songs and how they're (still!) leaning on their success for social media fame. Of course, a one-hit wonder is loosely defined as any band, singer, or entertainer that produced one monumental hit and failed to follow up. You'll know these ear worms like the back of your hand.

Los Del Rio
The legendary Latin Pop duo is famous for one song and one song only: the centerpiece of every Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 — the Macarena. You (probably) don't know the words, but you definitely know the dance, and those dulcet tunes always meant a fun day in gym class. But how the mighty have fallen: their Facebook page has a mere 13.9k followers, most of whom are from Seville, their hometown.

Los Del Rio's followers by city

Vanilla Ice
Ice is famous for sampling the bass line that defined several generations, writing the first hip-hop single to reach the top of the Billboard charts, and being one of the first white rappers to meet mainstream success. He gifted us mere mortals with the 1990 smash hit, 'Ice Ice Baby,' and has never had a song that even approached its success since. Instead, he's rode out his fame as a living parody of himself, hosting a DIY show and starring in several reality TV series. His Instagram boasts 307.6k followers with an average engagement rate of around 1.5 percent. 

Vanilla Ice's Follower Demographics

Though this German singer found some success later in here career, nothing compared to the international success of 99 Luftballoons and its English language counterpart, 99 Red Balloons. The song, tangentially about the Berlin Wall, reached prolific heights in 1983. A refreshing break from Cold War anxiety, Nena's impact cannot be understated, as her 525k followers would agree.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Perhaps more famous for his offspring's work than his own, Billy Ray Cyrus first found success with his rockabilly anthem, "Achy Breaky Heart." Unlike Los Del Rio, Cyrus did have some lukewarm success later in his career, but "Achy Breaky" is his only song to chart in the top 10. A few bands and cameo appearances on "Hannah Montana" later, Cyrus presumably spends his days combing his hair, looking longingly into the distance, and posting on his Instagram account and its 1.4 million followers. 

Right Said Fred
Nothing says "the '90s were not a good time for music" like the multiplatinum "I'm Too Sexy," Right Said Fred's claim to fame. The British Europop duo, whose content often related to sex, being sexy, and having sex, were perhaps the most famous of the brief period of time in the early 90s when Europop was the latest craze. A short lived craze it was, as their 37k total followers seem to have all but forgotten who, exactly, was too sexy.

Right Said Fred's audience data

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