In a recent ANA study, it was found that 59% of brands using influencer marketing use micro-influencers for their campaigns. Micro-influencers may have smaller reach but are often be more influential, as their content is 6.7X more efficient at engaging audiences than bigger influencers.

Which micro-influencers in LA spark more engagement with their audience? Using the Julius platform, we searched for the top micro-influencers (with a reach of 50K and under) who had the highest average engagement.

  1. Alex Smallz

      • Total Reach: 31K
      • YouTube Reach: 23.1K
      • YouTube Engagement: 32.8K



  2. Drew Penkala

      • Total Reach: 28K
      • YouTube Reach: 17.8K
      • YouTube Engagement: 12.5K



  3. Melanie Darnell

    • Total Reach: 45K
    • Facebook Reach: 38.2K
    • Facebook Engagement: 11.4K

  4. Chloe Parr

      • Total Reach: 24K
      • Twitter Reach: 2.9K
      • Twitter Engagement: 10.9K



  5. Dead Kevin

      • Total Reach: 35K
      • YouTube Reach: 30K
      • YouTube Engagement: 7.5K



  6. Ham on Everything

      • Total Reach: 48K
      • YouTube Reach: 11.6K
      • YouTube Engagement: 6.2K



  7. Jason Bran

      • Total Reach: 4K
      • YouTube Reach: 1.8K
      • YouTube Engagement: 6.2K



  8. Sofia Villarroel

      • Total Reach: 32K
      • Instagram Reach: 31K
      • Instagram Engagement: 5.9K



  9. Anthony Supreme

      • Total Reach: 49K
      • Instagram Reach: 43.9K
      • Instagram Engagement: 4.8K

  10. Basic Vegan Bitch

      • Total Reach: 45K
      • YouTube Reach: 13.3K
      • YouTube Engagement: 3.9K



  11. Devon Spencer

      • Total Reach: 35K
      • Instagram Reach: 34.5K
      • Instagram Engagement: 4.4K



  12. Amanda Lopez

      • Total Reach: 44K
      • Instagram Reach: 43.8K
      • Instagram Engagement: 4.1K

  13. Fork Meets Food

      • Total Reach: 43K
      • Instagram Reach: 43K
      • Instagram Engagement: 3.9K



  14. Steve Chu

      • Total Reach: 35K
      • Instagram Reach: 35K
      • Instagram Engagement: 3.8K



  15. Fix Feast Flair

    • Total Reach: 40K
    • Instagram Reach: 34.4K
    • Instagram Engagement: 3.7K