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“We are so incredibly happy to work with Julius for our digital needs! The platform is very efficient in finding the right contacts, easy way to organize lists and track campaigns.”

Show You Did Your Homework and Win the Room

Demonstrate you have command of your client’s industry with research on what their competitors are doing in the space with Julius’ brand reports. Get insights on which brands work with which influencers and what they have done with them and when.

Use Julius’ post tracking feature to see Earned Media Value (EMV) the advertiser typically gets and show them influencers who fit their brand culture, reach their audience, and have proven to drive higher EMV using Julius’ influencer social performance data.

Inform Your Creative Pitch with Content Insights

With Julius insights, you can specify your client’s target audience by brands and interests and then see which influencers reach that audience. Review what they post and find out what’s making their followers (your client’s target consumer) engage with their content. This will help inform your creative pitch with ideas you have seen work in practice.

Prove You Are the Most Cost Effective Agency Partner

Julius has aggregated millions of data points on influencers and their audiences across 9+ platforms. Reduce your time searching for influencers from 2 weeks down to 2 hours with our sophisticated influencer identification tool. This can represent thousands of dollars saved on agency overhead costs and allow you and your client to spend that time focusing on strategy and production instead. Even better, don’t spend time pulling reports. With Julius, you can share reporting links with clients and avoid having to manually pull reports on their behalf.

“The beautiful interface and detailed information really helps us as we make our recommendation and state all the reasons and benefits as to why a particular contributor makes great sense for our brand.”

Transparent Pricing

Pricing to suit your agency
Our fully transparent pricing structure scales with your agency and ensures teams across companies of any size can easily collaborate on 1 or 100 campaigns.
We don't take a cut on campaigns
Our pricing is based on seats, not campaigns. Unlike other platforms in the industry we don't charge based on number campaigns, campaign spend or access to influencers.

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