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March Ranking: Beauty Influencers

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From the Influencer’s Perspective: Influence Live Recap

Mar 16th Blog

How Urban Outfitters Maximizes Social Media Engagement

In the beginning of 2018, Urban Outfitters had the highest engagement rate among competitors on Facebook and Instagram. They've maximized their social media presence using three strategies: smart content distribution, working with brand partners and influencers that resonate most with consumers, and establishing a consistent aesthetic tone.

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Most Engaging Influencers at SXSW

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February Ranking: TV Show Review Influencers

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Olympians Leaving Pyeongchang with Medals and More Reach

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January Ranking: True Crime Influencers

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Counter the Influencer Bot-Follower Epidemic

Jan 31st Blog

The Two Sides of Utilizing Influencer Marketing in Product Launches

Julius’ first Influence Live panel of 2018, The Impact of Influencer Marketing on New Product Launches, brought together influencers and agency executives to discuss the pros, cons and, of course, the ROI.