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Our influencer search provides over fifty advanced filters and more than one million hand-curated influencer data points to pinpoint the perfect influencers for your next campaign.

The Influencer
Look beyond usual demographics and find influencers based on unique experiences and characteristics that influence your target audience.
The Metrics
Our search filters focus on an influencer’s social post performance, including engagement volume and rate, so you can weed out underperformers.
The Audience
Keep your audience front of mind with filters that cover not only traditional demographics like income, location or age, but also their interests and brands they like.
“We love Julius’s influencer search filtering, there’s nothing better out there.”

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Granular Curated Influencer Insights

Our hand-curated influencer data and social network insights are unrivaled in depth and accuracy, giving you instant insights about influencers that you’d spend hours looking for elsewhere.

Social Performance
See how an influencer’s sponsored performance compares to their organic content. View content and messaging that resonates most with their audience and understand their reach and engagement trends.
Audience Insights
Dive deeper into an influencer’s audience. Understand who an influencer appeals to: who their followers are, where they live, how old they are and more. Compare an influencer's audience vs. the social media average across every datapoint. Look into hundreds of brands an audience follows, and view beyond the top values across all brands and interests categories.
Know Your Influencer
Know precisely who an influencer is before you contact them. Get a feel for their pricing, understand their background and view their interests, supported causes, brands they’ve worked with and more.
Researched by Hand
Each and every profile on Julius has been hand-curated and manually researched to find influencer data you won’t get anywhere else. And we don’t stop once a profile is built, profile quality is maintained indefinitely.

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Exportable, Customizable Data

Customized, Branded Profile Exports

Spending too much time creating decks? Every influencer profile is exportable to both PowerPoint and PDF. Add your logo and choose a color to fit seamlessly into your presentation decks, so you can spend more time on the important things.

Export CSVs

Not everything fits neatly into a PDF or PowerPoint and sometimes you need to look at data in a unique way. That’s why we make a huge amount of influencer information available via CSV, so you can easily export search results, lists and performance reports to Excel.

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Activate Campaigns in Half the Time

Cut out the legwork of campaign activation with Julius’s powerful campaign management tools, and be guided throughout the entire workflow process. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without us.

Influencer conversations in a click
Our integrated messaging makes it easy to reach out to multiple influencers, send files and add your colleagues. Plus, get notified when an influencer replies and continue the conversation via email, with the entire conversation history stored in your campaign.
Seamlessly Manage every Step
Easily view campaign progress, move influencers within your campaign workflow and track every deliverable, spend, note and document. With everything in one place, you’ll never waste time looking for a spreadsheet or email again.
Organize With Groups
Set up your users in groups that work for you and share campaigns, lists, files, notes and more with just a few colleagues, or across multiple offices.
Activate and sit back
Your influencers’ posts are automatically added to your campaign with instant reporting as soon as they are published. We’ll also check for disclosure compliance on every post, so you can be confident your influencers are doing the right thing.

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Prove Your Campaign Success

Performance reporting is one of the biggest challenges marketers face with influencer marketing. That’s why we’ve created a simple, powerful performance reporting suite to give you the metrics you need to audit your campaign’s success. Quickly report on engagement and estimated impressions, and Earned Media Value (EMV), a common ROI metric within social advertising. In the Reporting suite you can export your campaign’s posts and/or metrics to PPT, PDF, or CSV.

Reporting Metrics
Access metrics you value. Whether it’s Cost per Engagement, Earned Media Value or Impressions, we provide the numbers you need to measure and audit your campaign's success.
Multiple Reporting Views
View performance metrics at every level from the overall campaign to the individual influencer, platform or even an individual post. Slice and dice performance data to suit your reporting style.
Insights to Inform Decision-making
Easily compare influencer and platform performance. Know which influencers to invest in, benchmark performance and determine the most effective content to inform future campaigns.

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Leading brands and agencies rely on Julius to discover and activate influencers across a range of industries.

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