How do influencers get added to Julius?

We’re constantly growing the breadth and depth of influencers on Julius, adding at least 5,000 new influencers each month. We source new influencers to add by focusing on specific industries that are in demand, and from client requests.

Where does your data come from?

We use both your publicly available social account information and any other publicly available information to build out your Julius profile.

Can I update my profile data?

We don’t currently have a public-facing portal for influencers to access and update their information, however it’s something we’re actively working on. Express your interest by filling out the form below and we’ll let you know you as soon as it’s ready.

Can I remove my profile from Julius?

Yes, you have the right to have your profile details removed from Julius. Contact us using the influencer opt-out form and we'll action your request as quickly as possible.

How did you get my email address?

We provide email contact on every Julius profile using email contact information sourced from your social media profiles. If we can’t find your email, your profile will not be available on Julius. Agency and brand marketers cannot physically see your email address, instead they message through the Julius conversation portal. At all times your email address is masked.

Can I be notified when a brand has a campaign I might be suited to?

Because we’re a data-driven influencer marketing solution we’re focused on ensuring marketers are able to find the best fit between their brand and an influencer. We don’t operate as an influencer marketing marketplace because we believe marketers are best suited to identifying the right influencers for their campaign; which at the end of the day means both marketer and influencer are more likely to achieve a successful influencer marketing campaign.

How do I know an email I received is a legitimate offer?

Our clients are from some of the largest brand and agencies in the world. Full messaging access is given only to paying Julius clients who have legitimate influencer marketing campaign needs. You can be assured any messages you receive through Julius are legitimate brand collaboration opportunities.

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