Oct 11th Case Studies

Pedigree Saves 30% on Content Creation While Driving Engagements with Bloggers & IG Influencers

Learn how Pedigree was able to leverage Influencers to share stories about their pets to drive engagements and sales

Nov 29th Case Studies

McDonald’s Leverages YouTube Influencers to Show How Products are Made

McDonald's was ready to correct the notion that their chicken nuggets were made with less than quality ingredients. See how they were able to rectify that impression with the help of a YouTube influencer.

Nov 29th Case Studies

Bonobos Partners with Instagram Photographer to Story Sell

Learn how Bonobos reached their target consumer by partnering with a photography IG influencer who reached their audience and had 10x the # followers as Bonobos

Oct 10th Case Studies

NA-KD Fashion Scales Global Awareness & Sales with Micro-Influencer Gifting Campaign

NA-KD Fashion works creates an affiliate network of social media influencers across the world to drive sales and social media footprint.

Oct 10th Case Studies

Nordstrom Drives Millions In Sales With ‘Superinfluencer’

Influencers are being hired to do far more than post on social media. See how Nordstrom's leveraged a social media influencer's knowledge of the fashion space and captivated audience to drive millions in sales.

Oct 10th Case Studies

Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Steals the Spotlight at SXSW with Influencers

Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care, a division of Philips providing innovative products in the sleep wellness space, used Julius' Campaign Management and Reporting tools to track 80+ pieces of content during a live influencer activation for SXSW.

Oct 10th Case Studies

Choice Hotels Leverages Food Influencers to Drive Awareness of #WhatsYourWaffle & Boost Sweepstakes Applications

Choice Hotels leveraged Julius to discover and reach out to influencers who would assist in creating awareness of their free breakfast options and drive traffic to their site.

Oct 10th Case Studies

Protein Pancake Start-Up, Klean Plate, Drives 14X Online Sales with Local Fitness & Foodie Influencers

Klean Plate, a Boston-based wholesome convenient food company, relied on Julius to activate a product-gifting campaign for their new product launch aimed at boosting website traffic and new product sales.