Jun 4th Podcasts

Episode 11: Q&A – From the Influencer’s Perspective

May 25th Podcasts

Episode 10: From the Influencer’s Perspective

Apr 2nd Podcasts

Episode 9: The Strengths of Influencer Marketing feat. Garrott Smith (Meredith Xcelerated Marketing)

Mar 30th Podcasts

Episode 8: Authenticity in Influencer Marketing feat. Mark Figliulo (Figliulo & Partners)

Mar 30th Podcasts

Episode 7: Finding the Right Influencers feat. Reb Carlson (Wunderman)

Mar 30th Podcasts

Episode 6: Influencer Marketing at the Right Time feat. Chris Gee (Finsbury)

Mar 30th Podcasts

Episode 5: An Influencer’s Journey feat. Shannon Truax (GoDaddy)

Feb 26th Podcasts

Episode 4: Defining What is an Influencer feat. Chad De Luca (Publicis Media Sports)

What is an ‘influencer’? How does one gather an online following? Being an influencer means that you are a thought-leader and a substantial amount of people enjoy the content that you produce online. But how does that start?

Feb 20th Podcasts

Episode 3: Different Ways to Approach Influencer Marketing feat. Shan Lui (Superfly)

Influencer marketing can wear an endless number of hats, fitting various needs and purposes. Whether it’s a product, convention, or foundation, having the right influencer to advocate and spread the word is a publicity game-changer.

Feb 13th Podcasts

Episode 2: Influencer Marketing and the Incorporation of Behavioral Economics feat. Tara Marsh (Wunderman)

What encourages people to stand in a line around a restaurant? Of all the places to eat in the city, yet there’s always a line around this restaurant. What (or who) drives the creation of a social norm?