Julius: The Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform

Julius: The Influencer marketing platform you need to be great at influencer marketing

Execute Compelling Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Compelling campaigns start with the right influencer, and the right influencer can only be found with data that goes beyond the surface.

Julius gives you access to rich data on 75,000+ influencers, researched by a team of real people, with insights spanning an influencer’s content style, interests, past brand work, audience demographics, latest news and more. We go to great lengths to find out more than anyone else so you don’t have to.

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Get Specific or Go Broad

Stop the social media trawling. With 30+ searchable data points, find the right influencers that speak directly to your audience, every time. Need to find people with a passion for bungee jumping? There’s a search for that. Looking for someone who’s worked with a competitor’s brand? You’ll be able to find that too.

Influencer social media data including engagement and reach to help you find the right influencer for your campaign.

Influencer Data That Matters

Don’t settle for half the picture. See an influencer’s reach and engagement metrics for nine social media networks at a glance. View their recent posts, tweets, vines and more without leaving the page. Delve into human-researched data that no other provider finds and view their pricing guide to really understand an influencer and their campaign fit. All in one place.

Unrivaled Celebrity Insights

Remove the guesswork of celebrity endorsement. Access consumer perceptions on over 8,000 celebrities across 15 countries. Find the most trustworthy, appealing, or influential celebrities for your target audience. Powerful celebrity insights powered by Celebrity DBI.

Easily compare and select influencers with a range of influencer marketing tools.
Easily compare and select influencers with a range of influencer marketing tools.

Compare, Vet & Shortlist With Ease

Give up the spreadsheets. Create, save & export influencer lists to share with your team. Use a side by side comparison view to make an informed decision. Export individual profiles into approval-ready professional PDFs. Compare, vet and add potential influencers all in one place.

Contact The Right Person, The Right Way

No more cold calling. Access influencer contact details including business representatives. Start conversations, include attachments and leave private notes for yourself and your colleagues. Easily group influencers into campaigns to manage conversations in one ‘easy-to-refer-to-later’ place.

The only influencer marketing platform with comprehensive influencer contact data to easily activate your influencer marketing campaign.
Organize your influencer marketing campaigns across your whole team.

Successful Campaigns in Half the Time

Eliminate the daily admin. Take campaign execution out of the spreadsheets and inbox and streamline your campaign workflow. Store campaign documents, conversations, spend, deliverables and more all in one place. Track both your influencer and campaign progress, and set sharing access to collaborate with the right colleagues across every campaign.

Complete Campaign Reporting

Access the details that matter. Get comprehensive insights across every influencer marketing campaign with real-time performance metrics from a campaign overview level down to an individual post. Drill into your best performers and discover the content that resonates highest. Compare performance across platforms and influencers and find the detail to make informed campaign decisions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Julius is the first influencer marketing platform we've seen that gives us a great snapshot on an influencer's social audience. Steve - Reebok
We had an amazing success rate using the platform, executing multiple influencers activations. Being able to go direct to agents is a game changer. Bill - Access Sports
Julius definitely saved time by providing a one-stop shop for influencers. Previously, we’ve had to rely on just Googling to find influencers and going to all their individual social media accounts to find information. Julius provides all that information upfront, and it’s searchable – it’s invaluable. Meghan - AOL

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